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Karen Nottonson


Welcome to Harper and Faye, Boston's resource for fine, unusual and outstanding gems; and amazing custom designs made with them!

New to our store? You probably want to know what makes us different.  Why buy from us?  Do we offer the "best deals", or the "biggest selection"?   No, we offer something else: an enjoyable buying experience for truly unique jewelry and gems.

I'm a Graduate Gemologist and a very prolific jewelry designer.  I have always loved the color and sparkle that Nature offers us in the form of gems of all kinds- including many that you may never have seen before...some surprisingly affordable beauty; and others of great value and rarity. Contra Luz opal, abalone pearls, Paraiba tourmalines, Fireball pearls...there's so much to discover, and all hand-picked for exceptional quality and value.  I invite you to choose from our incredible selection of loose gems, or let me hunt that special one down for you during our biannual "Gemquest" trips! And then the fun begins: designing your dream setting!

Custom design with unique gems has become my primary focus.  I have done literally thousands of designs for happy clients over the past 35 years- I welcome even the most challenging requests!   (This is why we're only open three days a week for most of the year- otherwise I'm in my studio designing!) This year, we have added CAD/CAM to our designing toolbox.

When I have time; I also do original designs for sale in the store and hunt for other fun, high quality  jewelry bargains to add to the variety of styles and price points.  So please browse, enjoy, get to know us and call! We truly are different.

PLEASE SIGN UP FOR OUR EMAIL LIST to receive advance notice of our awesome special events such as Gemquest, Gemstone Roundtables, and special Sales Events. (We will never bombard your mailbox or share your name.)

Hope to see you soon! -Karen Nottonson

Harper and Faye Custom Jewelers in Boston

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